DreamBuilder Custom Homes, is the top choice for your construction and remodeling needs!

DreamBuilder, an Oregon-based custom home builder, is the top choice for anyone seeking quality custom home construction and remodeling services in the Portland Metropolitan area. By choosing DreamBuilder, you’ll have a reliable partner who understands that you don’t just want to build a house, you want to build your dream.


Where the dream for Portland Custom Homes comes true

At DreamBuilder Custom Homes Inc., we make your dream of owning a Portland custom home a reality. Whether you’re seeking to construct a new, stunning home or remodel your current one, it’s crucial to work with skilled and dependable home builders and remodelers. Our team of Oregon-based building contractors possesses the expertise to listen to your specific needs and assemble a crew that will execute the project with the utmost quality, precision, and care. We pride ourselves on creating the home you envision while also respecting your budget and goals. Trust us to build the home of your dreams!

A custom home experience that is as unique as you are!

DreamBuilder Custom Homes offers a personalized experience that is as unique as you are! Our team places your needs first, ensuring that you not only get to construct the home of your dreams but also rely on us as a dependable partner throughout the process. Whether you’re seeking to remodel your existing home or build a new custom one, our skilled team possesses the knowledge and expertise to create a specially crafted product tailored to your specifications.

As a trusted local home builder in Oregon, we pride ourselves on being resourceful and experienced in building in different areas and jurisdictions across the state.

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